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The idea of the project

After years of passion and research, we developed the first Solid-State Cells that could emit significant values of voltage and current.

A graphene stratification and a physical process that is produced inside the cell allow a continuous regeneration current thus allowing a virtually constant charge to be maintained.

The first prototypes

Why not apply it to something practical?

This was the question we asked one day when the cell was already able to generate significant current values and maintain them at constant levels. Therefore, thanks to a spirit of creativity, we designed and built QLisa; a table lamp that does not need to be plugged into an electric socket. It has an internal battery connected through a closed circuit to a stack of solid cells. Moreover, thanks to its distinctive design, there are no connecting wires, since the transmission of current between the power supply and the OLED plate occurs through its conductive chassis. Following on from this, we designed QShower; a lamp that uses an LED strip instead of the OLED technology for illumination.

In June 2018 at R2B - Smau Bologna 2018 fair we presented our first cover-battery prototype.

Weareable devices
Small work tools
Home appliances
Public lighting
Means of transport

An infinity of possible applications

Since the Solid-State Cell may be integrated into any type of battery, its field of application is very wide; 
such as the world of boats, public lighting or simply to work tools or household devices.

Respect for the environment starts from the little things and each of us can make an important contribution.


Cell Battery

GQenergy Team is working to change the future of energy



Franceschini Ermanno